Monday, September 5, 2016

August 2016

August has been a  good month, busy and fun! A few field trips for Em at Summer Camp, Sean resigned from Perceptron and his last day was the 17th, Em got her schedule for 7th grade. Fresh starts for all of us now!! We got to help our friend Phil celebrate his birthday!  I had my brain and cervical spine MRI's early in the month. The results are in and there has been no change in the lesions present on my brain (that's a good thing)! Based on those results, Dr Cerghet gave me the choice of having a spinal tap or repeating the MRI again in 6 months.  I opted to wait the 6 months and will have another MRI around February next year. I'm not opposed to having a spinal tap but I'd rather not subject myself to that procedure unless it's an absolute necessity. We'll continue dealing with life one day at a time!  Sean started his new job at ZF on the's an exciting opportunity for him! He is now a Ride Test Technician!! Em is very excited to start Grade 7, she gets her very own locker and will have 6 different teachers!

Happy Birthday Phil!

My Jan!!

One of my favorite places at work...the vending machine!!  There's Combos in there!!

Em's library haul

A little visitor, he's waiting for us to get out the grill!


...and pizza lunch with Em at Ironwood

Kellogg Park Fountain in downtown Plymouth
Happy Scrappy Day with my Ma at Scrappy Chic!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

JULY 2016

Em is busy with fun stuff at Summer Camp this month and we also spent a few days at Angie's Inn on the Grand in Howell for a Mom/Daughter scrapbook/craft event. Em spent most of her time in the pool along with the other girls that were there. Us moms swam some and spent time poolside, relaxing and reading. Sean's spending most weekends in the garage working on his Porsche and we had a family movie date to see Life of Pets!  I had my first appointment with the neurologist to discuss my MRI results and figure out the next steps in determining if what's going on with my brain and eyes is Multiple Sclerosis or something else. The neurologist, Dr. Cerghet was great and she determined that the next course of action would be blood work to rule other things in or out and 2 additional MRI's, one of my brain to check on the previously found lesions and one of my cervical spine...those are scheduled for August and my next appointment with Dr. Cerghet is in October or sooner. More to come on that later!

Em and Sean headed to Camp Sequoia with the Martin's for the 4th of July!

Em and Mom at Smith Park in downtown Plymouth, just like old times

Em at Lake Callis with Grammy and Papa!

On our way back from Davison...

Em lasted about 20 minutes and slept the rest of the way home!
Low tire pressure light, thank goodness for Em's helping hands and Coleman!

Grrr, leaky tire!

Yippee, awesome hubs!

Em talking with the feathered friends at my cousin Aaron's open house

Family photo taken by Em!

Em reading one of my books from middle school, I love this!!

All packed and ready for the Mom/Daughter Scrapbook/Craft event!
3 fun filled days coming up! 

I'm this happy to be crafting with my kid!!
Em relaxing in the pool at Angie's Inn!!
Em and I both had to rest for a few minutes after dinner on Tuesday...we were stuffed!
A little after dinner rest reading!

Paint class at Angie's, all the kids got to do one, so fun!

Pool time again!

Em came to work with me and we had lunch at Northville Community Park
and she so nicely posed for me!

A visit to Dairy Go Round in Plymouth...for old time's sake, I think the last photo
I have of here is when she was 9 months old!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

June 2016

June!! Sean and I went to the Free Prix Day on Belle Isle with our friend Bill, I started my new job this month, school ended for Em and Summer Camp began!

Here's a few pics to share:
Cheese! With Em at her school talent show

First day of new job, it was like the first day of school picking out my outfit!

Here is my cubicle, I can't wait to get everything set up! I am now the
Administrative Assistant for the Operations Team at VRSI!

Em goofing off while we're watching TV!

Last day of school and the pile of stuff that has come home over the last week!!

May 2016

Woo Hoo, it's May!! Lots of fun stuff this month, Sean and I headed to Philadelphia, PA for his cousin Dave's wedding and we got to spend time with the Foltz side of the family! Emily's Girls on the Run 5K was this month too. She trained after school with her team...Sean and I did not!!  It was a fun event and we all crossed the finish line!

I had my appointment to review my February MRI (brain/eyes) this month as well. There are some lesions on my brain that are indicative of Multiple Sclerosis but my Neuro-Opthalmologist could not determine that and has referred me to a Neurologist.  My appointment with her is scheduled for July, more to come on that soon!  At this point, I'm not getting my panties in a bunch about anything, worrying about something that "may be" will do no good so I will carry on with the day to day goodness of life!!

Here are a few pics, in no particular order, we have to share for May:

At Mega Meet in Novi with Kristin!

On our way to Pennsylvania through the mountains

In Philly, a rainy day won't stop our tourist nature!

Double Decker Bus tour of Philly, this was really cool!

Our seats at the wedding reception, the place cards were the cutest idea I've seen!

Girls on the Run 5K, we are ready!
Woo hoo, ready to go!

Sean and I relaxing prior to the start.

Girl Scout crop with Kristin and her mom

Saturday, May 21, 2016

April 2016

My Gr'Ma's time on Earth came to an end this month. My facebook post here

Dinner out with friends in Howell (L-R: Kristin, Michelle, Christine, Jen and me)

Scrapbook weekend at Angie's Inn on the Grand in Howell. Me with Lisa and Katie!!

Em hanging out at Uncle Aaron's. Her and Sean went over to take him out for his birthday.
I'm surprised  Em didn't try and smuggle one of the cats out with her!!

Sean on lawn duty!!

Em and I before heading to see Miracles from Heaven

I LOVE our milk door!

At Old Detroit Burger Bar, Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk fundraiser for our very inspirational friend Jeni!

Em's first time riding the bus, she's 2nd to last in line with the orange backpack!

Walking down the hallway one morning I was mesmerized by the sparkling lights...I knew it was from the sun shining in the back windows but it took me a few minutes to figure out what it was reflecting off of...

...once I actually walked in to our room, I found it!  So pretty!!

Very rarely do I get the same numbers on both my glucose meter and my insulin pump...of course I had to capture it...
and the fact that 106 was an awesome number so I was feeling particularly proud of myself at that moment!

Em at Grammy and Papa's. I love the fact that at 11, this kid still loves bubbles!!

Months ago I had taken down all the wall stuff and tchtchkes in my craft area in the basement, I don't remember exactly why...maybe I was going to paint. I don't feel like painting and decided to put things back up and out. My space is much more inspirational now...although I would love to have yellow walls!!

Em and I at Creatopia in Plymouth, I love her polka dotted dolphin!

Let the swingset removal commence!

Em lending a helping hand to Daddy!

Ooh, our backyard looks ginormous now!

We had dinner plans for home but then decided beer was called for so we went out instead!