Wednesday, July 11, 2018

June 2018

June no particular order!

I've wanted a fruit basket FOREVER, this one is just perfect after Sean made some amendments to the assembly instructions!!

Em at Marquis Theatre-Northville for summer camp

Fresh hair for Em!

Kristin and I at the Early Bird Cafe in Northville

I was so proud of my parallel spot park job, I had to take a pic and send it to Sean

Getting crafty with Kristin, Christine, Lisa, Karen and Amy at Scrappy Chic!  Fun day!!

Em and Hanna at Honors Night

Em as Alexander Schmorell in her Showcase Performance at Marquis

Em and Cooper at Michele's Stampin' Up! open house

Visiting The Town Peddler!

If I'm going to do dishes, I'm going to splurge on dish soap that smells divine!!

Best ice cubes EVER!

Em's 8th grade dance!!

Our water heater decided to give out :(

Kristin's front porch for Marissa's Graduation Party, so pretty!

The biggest bowl of strawberries I've ever seen, they smelled SOOO good!

Doing a little cleaning

Montgomery out!

Bradford in!!

Em's latest room decor, her goal is to have every available space covered!

Leaving Famous Dave's...they must have been in a rush to get inside!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

May 2018

Derby Time at Sean O'Callaghan's in Downtown Plymouth

Em and I are pretty sure we need to attend this next time and have our own fancy hats!

Mega Meet with Kristin

Such a fun day!

Em wrote a letter to the cast of Hamilton for a class project...

...and got a response from Lin-Manuel Miranda! She was beyond excited

My freshly planted flowers (with the help and guidance of my Ma & Pa!!),
I'm so excited to keep these alive!

Geraniums and the Hydrangea plant I got from Sean & Em for Mother's Day

Coleus, Caladium and Imaptiens

Impatiens under the front window

Pretty yellow petunias from my Ma

Em's Dahlias

Super Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants!  65 days (from May 17) and there should be some tomatoes!

Sean giving his baby a bath

Em has green hair!
Em and I out for a walk, I took her by the HUGE lilac bush I discovered
in our neighborhood the other day
Close can almost smell them!

Weirdest looking watermelons I've ever seen!!

Em at the Spring Concert at her school, here with the Glee Club and Choir

This pic was captured by Papa!!  Here she is with the strings group.

She is such a pretty girl, inside and out <3

Saturday, May 5, 2018

April 2018

Oh hello there

a few flakes

I got some good produce at the grocery store today, I hope Sean likes the apples I got him!

Sean's been hard at work cleaning up the downed branches due to the ice

So pretty

The coolant was over the Max line  few days ago...where it goes is a mystery!

Em practicing with her clarinet for their Spring Concert next month!

Grammy would be so proud...Aleene's Tacky Glue!

Th sun is shining and we're grillin'!

Em and I attended a Girl Scout Fundaiser Crop in South Lyon with Kristin, her mom Kathy, Cherie and Gerri!  We had a great day and Em won a Halloween themed prize!

Kristin and her mom hard at work!

Cherie, Kathy and Kristin all very focused!

Gerri making her Cricut sing!

Em worked on puppets for a school project...again, check out that Aleene's glue Grammy!!


Me...looking at a Pampered Chef catalog...I was hard at work a minute or so ago!