Saturday, May 21, 2016

April 2016

My Gr'Ma's time on Earth came to an end this month. My facebook post here

Dinner out with friends in Howell (L-R: Kristin, Michelle, Christine, Jen and me)

Scrapbook weekend at Angie's Inn on the Grand in Howell. Me with Lisa and Katie!!

Em hanging out at Uncle Aaron's. Her and Sean went over to take him out for his birthday.
I'm surprised  Em didn't try and smuggle one of the cats out with her!!

Sean on lawn duty!!

Em and I before heading to see Miracles from Heaven

I LOVE our milk door!

At Old Detroit Burger Bar, Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk fundraiser for our very inspirational friend Jeni!

Em's first time riding the bus, she's 2nd to last in line with the orange backpack!

Walking down the hallway one morning I was mesmerized by the sparkling lights...I knew it was from the sun shining in the back windows but it took me a few minutes to figure out what it was reflecting off of...

...once I actually walked in to our room, I found it!  So pretty!!

Very rarely do I get the same numbers on both my glucose meter and my insulin pump...of course I had to capture it...
and the fact that 106 was an awesome number so I was feeling particularly proud of myself at that moment!

Em at Grammy and Papa's. I love the fact that at 11, this kid still loves bubbles!!

Months ago I had taken down all the wall stuff and tchtchkes in my craft area in the basement, I don't remember exactly why...maybe I was going to paint. I don't feel like painting and decided to put things back up and out. My space is much more inspirational now...although I would love to have yellow walls!!

Em and I at Creatopia in Plymouth, I love her polka dotted dolphin!

Let the swingset removal commence!

Em lending a helping hand to Daddy!

Ooh, our backyard looks ginormous now!

We had dinner plans for home but then decided beer was called for so we went out instead!

March 2016

March was not my favorite month at the time as I was laid off from my job after 17 years...but nearly 3 months later when I look back and I'm not feeling as sad or so lost about, I can see the goodness that I was surrounded with! Sean, Em, my parents and all my friends are the best support system EVER :)

Let's move on to checking out March in Fotz Land!!

Em made us dinner! Mac-n-cheese with hot dogs, YUM!!

The day I was laid off from to my facebook post

Girl Scout crop in South Lyon, such a fun day!!
(L-R: Susan, Gerri, me, Nancy and Kristin)

Whether it's that Life is for Living or Loving, I'm all for both!

Em passing the time at Target!

Em keeping me company through an NCIS marathon...again!

Getting our nails done at Luv in Novi with Kristin and her girls, such a fun day :)

Em's new favorite store, Aeropostale, it was a successful shopping day for her!

This kid <3
Birthday posies from my Ma & Pa!

Birthday posies from Sean!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

February 2016

LOVE this trunk sticker, so cute!

All ready for the dance after school!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!!

Planner class with Em at Scrappy Chic!

Em and I are using our planners as drawing and art journals

Dowtown Plymouth is so magical, I love driving through here every morning.

The view out the back window at work is so pretty!

Oooh, Perceptron wildlife!

I've had some issues with my right eye since last Octoberish and have had several specialist appointments and whatnot. They all can see what's happening in my eyes but there isn't anything they can see that explains the why of it all. The last specialist I saw asked me to have an MRI so that he could see the optic nerve in my to have an MRI!
Off to have my MRI

Fancy paper pants...they are actually quite comfy!

All seems well with my eyeballs and my brain...:Brain volume is normal for age."!!
I actually have an appointment in May to go over the results, I'm guessing
everything is fine since it's not until May!!

The beginning of Mount Foltz in the back yard!

January 2016

Scrapbooking weekend!

(L-R) Nancy, Susan, Cherie, Kristin, me

So more Wednesday night dinners at Max and Erma's

Cracks me up!

When ravenous at work and you're less than graceful about opening your Cheez-Its!

December 2015

The Purchasing Station all ready for Christmas

Done working for the day, headed to downtown Plymouth for some fun now!

I think this face lasted all day!

Hangin' out with Em :)

Lights but no snow yet!

A serious Monopoly game here!
The last week of the year at work is one of my favorite times of the year, it is so
quiet and I use the time to archive the old files, set up the new files and clean old stuff out!

Old stuff archived, such a good arms are a little tired now!

Tired arms means I'm letting the old stuff simply roll down the stairs!!

2016 files ready to go!