Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 2014!

So precious!

First snow!  So pretty!!

I love the view out of this window at work, so serene...

The clouds look like mountains

Hmmm, I'm thinking I should have worn socks today!! Clearing off my windshield and some chips of slushy ice landed on my bare foot...brrrr!

Today, I shall be prepared for wayward icy slush from my windshield!

That there is a skunk by Sean's rear tire, he's been making himself quite at home around here, got poor Rosie next door!

Em and Hannah doing their duct tape thing!

Em asked me to haul up my guitar from the finally sees the light after maybe 30 years...maybe Em can teach me!  My pick is long gone so she fashioned one out of...DUCT TAPE!!

I loved seeing this! Reading it gave me more wrinkles!!

The Three Wise Men make their way through Kellogg Park in Downtown Plymouth!

Traction Control = Makin' Bacon (humor compliments of Emily!)

We had a "hot" smell in the building...

This seems to be the origin of said "hot" smell...

"No problem found"...hmmm, isn't this what happens when we try to replicate a problem that we've called a repair man about.  Alas, no worries, building was in tact and smelled just fine on Monday!

Em searching for the perfect book to read at the library!