Thursday, November 13, 2014

Parent/Teacher Conference!!

Sean and I had our Parent/Teacher Conference with Em and her teacher last night and it went very well! Em is doing good in class and still loves school...there was mention of her being a bit "chatty", at least she's consistent year after year!! We stopped in to meet and visit with her Strings teacher as well, he invited Em to get her viola out (there were too many violinists in class so she was switched to viola a few weeks ago) and play a bit of "Ode to Joy" while he accompanied her on piano. That was such a cool thing to happen and although I didn't take a video, I did get a few pics! You go Baby Girl, we're so stinkin' proud of you!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

October 2014

Downtown Plymouth

My stuff packed for a weekend of scrappin'...this cannot be all I'm taking?!

Sean and Em came to visit at the hotel and had some fun in the pool

Science Night at school

Science Night

The Plymouth Library with Em
Downtown Plymouth

Practicing the violin!

Sweet Dreams

Hanging out at work with Mom

I feel like I'm about to enter a whole different world once the light turns green.  This is Ridge Rd between Ann Arbor Rd and Warren and I LOVE going this way, not because it's faster but because it's less congested and SO colorful n the fall!
Costco trip...we did not buy these pickles!

More violin!

Em and Hannah "helping" Sean with the leaves.  It was windy so they're helping by holding them down!!

Helping our friend Hil move!

Em waiting to surprise Hil!

Fionna (from Adventure Time) for Halloween.
Em told Sean, "I think I got a stick of butter" after leaving this neighbor's porch!! Instead it was a caramel wafer cookie thing!  It was yummy!