Monday, September 5, 2016

August 2016

August has been a  good month, busy and fun! A few field trips for Em at Summer Camp, Sean resigned from Perceptron and his last day was the 17th, Em got her schedule for 7th grade. Fresh starts for all of us now!! We got to help our friend Phil celebrate his birthday!  I had my brain and cervical spine MRI's early in the month. The results are in and there has been no change in the lesions present on my brain (that's a good thing)! Based on those results, Dr Cerghet gave me the choice of having a spinal tap or repeating the MRI again in 6 months.  I opted to wait the 6 months and will have another MRI around February next year. I'm not opposed to having a spinal tap but I'd rather not subject myself to that procedure unless it's an absolute necessity. We'll continue dealing with life one day at a time!  Sean started his new job at ZF on the's an exciting opportunity for him! He is now a Ride Test Technician!! Em is very excited to start Grade 7, she gets her very own locker and will have 6 different teachers!

Happy Birthday Phil!

My Jan!!

One of my favorite places at work...the vending machine!!  There's Combos in there!!

Em's library haul

A little visitor, he's waiting for us to get out the grill!


...and pizza lunch with Em at Ironwood

Kellogg Park Fountain in downtown Plymouth
Happy Scrappy Day with my Ma at Scrappy Chic!