Monday, October 1, 2012

Yes, August did happen but I forgot to post about it!

What a nice suprise for someone at the bank (saw it while wiating in line at the ATM)

We had a few hour power outage so thought a fire in the backyard would be fun!

Lake Newburgh

Sean at the Tiger's Game with the peeps from work

Crazy Hair Day at Summer Camp

Michelle's sister Maggie came home and surprised Michelle at work!!

Another church sign!

Out for a drive

Some serious Uno happenin' here!

I am often intrigued by all of the poke holes in my fingertips...29 years and 10 months worth so far!


Waiting "patiently" for the Sumemr Camp Talent Show to begin!

Emily performing as the Card Trick Assistant
The whole camp dance!!

At Ikea

Cart ride anyone?!

Em's fingers got cold during this round of Connect Four

Summer Camp ended and we've got one week until school starts so Em's coming to work with me!

What a ham!

She's not too broed

We got this dollar as change this morning and thought it had a nice message

Downtown Northville before Em's haircut

There is goes...

...and here she is all ready for the new school year!

Checking out her class list

I'm just glad he didn't fly in my face while I was taking this glamour shot!