Saturday, April 13, 2013

March 2013

Em and Sean's hard workin' snowman!

A little paper, rock, scissors to see who's paying for dinner!!

Surprise!  In the garden department at Lowes!!

Em's Valentine's house that she made with Grammy

No furniture just yet, the rug makes a great place to play Em's games!


Em finally spent her ToysRUs gift card from Grandma Jones at Christman

Some action across the road, it was a VERY bright night!!

Em at her school dance...

Date night...

at Sean O'Callaghan's in downtown Plymouth

Who loves organizing?  Yep, that would be me!!  Maybe this method will last longer than 6 months!!


I love my kid and her sense of style :)

Whoooo Hoooo, time to get some scrappin' done! 

I LOVE the Novi Sheraton, such nice rooms and people!

A little pre-shopping with Lis before camp...I got the hat.  LOVE it!

What a great weekend with friends, so much fun!

Leftover corner round in the trunk after unpacking from camp!

At Buffalo Wild Wings in Howell with friends for a fundraiser for Erika Minchey's family


Mailings ready to go out for our family

She's crafty, I like her style!

Birthday flowers from Ma and Pa

Em hanging out and getting craafty at work

Em's dcuk...made out of duct tape!

I am so proud of our baby girl!

Em and I at Penn Theatre in Plymouth...

Enjoying the new furniture!!

LOVE having a living room back

Easter egg hunt...