Sunday, September 21, 2014

FUN WEEKEND (09/20-09/21/14)


After dropping off some boxes to our friend Hil, I took Sean and Em to JR's in Tecumseh for lunch!
YUMMY, they have some of the best sweet potato fries!  Em was impressed with their grilled cheese too! 

Saw this guy on the way back on US-12, it looked iffy but he made it around the corner without losing a roll!

Standing in line at Parmenter's Cider Mill in Northville, it went quick and was SO worth the wait!!

Em got some hula hoopin' started!!

Added some artwork to the chalk area

Sat by the stream that runs behind the cider mill, ate some donuts, drank some cider and made a new friend!

Just in time to catch the 4:45pm showing of Planes: Fire and Rescue at The Penn Theatre in Plymouth...

...and a wedding party taking pics!  They were a fun group!

Getting all geared up to head out on to I-96 for Family Fun Day!!


WOW! We got on the freeway and headed Westbound instead!

Much more open this direction

We saw some pretty cool folks out there today!

Hmmm, skies are looking a bit dark!


On our way home!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Our baby girl is 10 today, Hannah came over to help celebrate yesterday and the girls had a fun time!!  Today, Em wants to go spend her wad of birthday cash at Target, make things with ALL of the duct tape she got and maybe go see Maleficent this afternoon at The Penn in Plymouth.  Right now she's in the living room with a box and her duct tape...making "something"!!

Happy Birthday (a day early) to you (ooh yummy Ripple Cake from Hiller's!)

Hey look, it's Uncle Aaron!!

Em and Hannah, relaxing after cake and ice cream
Uncle Steve really brings the party! I secretly snapped this while Lanette was gearing up for a photo op!

DUCT TAAAAAPE and Uncle Steve's party head band!!

Glow sticks from Uncle Steve!

Say whaaat?

Pleased Bob

Angry Bob

Sad Bob

Confused Bob

Surprised Bob...ok we've had enough of Bob!

Birthday morning! Em got MORE duct tape, a loom hook with a metal tip (her plastic ones kept breaking), loom band &, Pok√©mon cards. She sat organizing her bands for a while this morning but the duct tape was calling her name and off she went!

HOLY duct tape Batman!!! There are several smelly duct tapes in there, the pink one on the bottom is bubble gum and our entire house smells like that one right now!!  So far, it's Em's favorite!  Uncle Aaron was a bit disappointed that the mac-n-cheese one from Ont Caren didn't smell!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 2014 -First Day of Grade 5 for Em

So, for our homework tonight, we had to give 5 words that describe our bundle of awesome...Witty, Spunky, Determined, Hard Working and Happy. That's Em wrapped up into 5 words!

Her first day of Grade 5 was great she said and from pick-up through dinner was filled with all sorts of snippets about her day, in no particular order! Full of attitude as normal but she's at least talking to us still and she did pose ever so graciously for the obligatory first day of (after) school picture for me!!  What a ham!

August 2014

Good times for Em and Keighan!  Em and I spent the first weekend of August with Jod at Higgins Lake!
Just what my soul needed, a little Jody-time!!
Fire Master Carrie!!

Em and Schizy hanging out on Jod's sofa
Ooh, I got time with Schizy too!
Now she's got Roo and Schizy, Em is one happy girl!

On a golf cart and yes, we indeed stopped in the middle of the road for this shot!

Keighan shared her bike with Em and the girls pedaled around the sandy block, Em ended up dumping the bike on a turn and decided to walk it back.  She survived!

Getting ready for swim class

Hangin' out and waiting for her turn...

I think this was Mis-Match Day at summer could very well be any ol' day of the week!

Em and her BFF Lucy after their Talent Show performance at summer camp

BEFORE the haircut

Hairs are comes...

COLOR!  Em wanted some pink hair in there.  Cathie did a great job and it still looks good!  Picture Day is Sept 9th...let's see if we can make them last another week!!

Backyard fires are the best, especially when accompanied by burnt marshmallows!
Woooo Hoooo, got our 96 gallon trash can from the city.  The thing is HUGE, our one bag of weekly trash is going to feel inadequate in there!