Thursday, March 20, 2014


...that just so happens to coincide with the day before my birthday!!  The decorating committee did an AWESOME job and I LOVE IT and them both <3  Thank you Martha and Michelle, you gals rock!!

Seriously can the day get any "deer" friend came back, I got lunch (thank you Phil!!) and Posies from Parents just arrived!! AWESOME!! I like celebrating my birthday...before my birthday :)

OMGoodness and then there was cake!!!

Ha Sean just stopped by...told me I was getting old; my balloons were sagging!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ahhh, more nature!

I shall never get tired of taking glamour shots of our visitors at work!!

When I got home yesterday and got out of the car this guy was chattering (thanks for the word Pa!!) away like crazy up on the power lines!  I have no idea  what he has but I assured him I wanted no part of it!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

...and now a WOOT WOOT for Emily!!

03/20/14 Video of meeting added!!

Emily, along with 2 other Grade 4 students from Edison were chosen to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at last night's Westland City Council Meeting. Although we're of course going to say that Em was totally awesome up there, all 3 of them did a... great job. They called the principal up to say a few words and she talked about the kids being 3 of the finest at Edison and what a great school Edison is!!They then called the parents up to say a little bit about our kids...I cracked a joke about being handed the mic by a guy who just told me he wouldn't shake my hand because he was sick!! I promise I didn't embarrass Em at all, I just talked about how incredibly proud Sean and I are of her!!

This is a picture my parents sent to show Em their support!!!  She LOVED it Grammy and Papa!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WOOOT WOOT-Congrats to me on 15 (and 6 months contract) years with Perceptron!!

Work recently started recognizing folks for their years of service to the company and at today's (03/06/14) team meeting I got my 15 Year Certificate of Service!! Woooo Hoooo for me!!! Thanks for taking my pic Martha!!

Church Signs

I drive down the same stretch of road nearly each morning on my way to work. There is a church I pass that has a signboard and they often post things that either make me chuckle (Home Improvements? Bring your family to church.), laugh out loud VERY loudly (We're still here between Christmas and Easter.) and even get my thoughts thinking! I've got a lot of friends right now struggling with different aspects of their lives and I wish they too could see this sign each morning and know that it ALL will eventually be okay and that we are all exactly where we need to be at this point in time I hope this makes you smile! Note: I do not know, attend or support this church but I sure do love and appreciate their sign!

March 5

This morning, the sign made me chuckle!!

March 11

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Happy Yellow Volkswagon Beetle!!

On the drive home from work (Mon 03/10/14) I saw...strollers being pushed, dogs being walked, people walking with people, hand holding, cars with windows down and looks of surprise as they drove through HUGE puddles and didn't get their windows up in time, smiling, sunshine, a man on a Harley and a yellow VW Bug! It's a toss up for what made me smile the most...the Bug takes the cake all it's yellow awesomeness!! I had such a nice drive home that it was only fair to come home to a $2000.00 bill for my pump and testing seems that my insurance provider has decided to now not pay for supplies dating back to November 2012...but it's because my supplier became non-participating at some point in time...I'm thinking that just isn't right! I'm sure there's some detail I'm missing and I'll figure it out but for now I am going to envision myself in that happy lil Bug...and just smile :D

Saturday, March 8, 2014


HI ALL!  No particular order to the pics this time's just all February stuff!  Enjoy :)

Grammy and Papa sending their congratulations on Em's report card of all A's!!

Deep into slumber land (she's going to hate me for this some day isn't she!!)

The snow can be so pretty!

Getting my Project Life goodies (re)organized for Scrap Camp next month!!

Our snow pliƩ is getting bigger!!

Out the window at work, nice pop of color!

Em, enjoying herself at work with me!!

See you can actually see her smiling/laughing here!

Working on her Dream House presentation for after Mid-Winter Recess

The end of our driveway, it's so peaceful with all the snow...shhhh!

Em made rubber band bracelets for all of her classmates for Valentine's Day <3 Target!

PS...I LOVE Target!

Em's Dream House Presentation at school!  All of the 4th graders set up in the gym and family, friends, teachers and community members got to come and check out everyone's projects!  It was so cool to see how proud the kids were of themselves and what they had completed!!

Em's BFF Gabby!!

I introduced Em to The Body Shop and their foot soak!  She's hooked!

OH.MY.Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake.GOODNESS...thank you Arby's!

My friend Phil gave me a gift card for getting his mail while he was on vacation last month!  I wanted to let him know I put it to good use and was thankful for his thanking me!!

OOOOHHH, Box Tops for school!  I had a couple friends give me a bunch, so I spent my lunch hour cutting them to size and gluing them or stuffing them into pouches!  I forgot to keep track but Em hauled in quite a load this year thanks to Grammy, Papa, Ont Caren, Grandpa Foltz and my friends!  Thanks all!!

The start of The Duct Family!

Em's Dream House Project

Snow is melty...good day for Wellies

Introducing The Duct Family; Morgan(mom), Molly(baby), Tootsie(dog) and Alex(dad)!

Em lost a took the Tooth Fairy several days to fid her...we're pretty sure she got stuck out on the roads!!
At Beaver Creek for dinner-it's a Girl's Day as Sean is at Bill's for the Daytona 500

As tradition has it...Em and I eat dessert first occasionally!  It's a girl thing!!

It was delicious!

Bracelet making continues at home!