Saturday, March 8, 2014


HI ALL!  No particular order to the pics this time's just all February stuff!  Enjoy :)

Grammy and Papa sending their congratulations on Em's report card of all A's!!

Deep into slumber land (she's going to hate me for this some day isn't she!!)

The snow can be so pretty!

Getting my Project Life goodies (re)organized for Scrap Camp next month!!

Our snow plié is getting bigger!!

Out the window at work, nice pop of color!

Em, enjoying herself at work with me!!

See you can actually see her smiling/laughing here!

Working on her Dream House presentation for after Mid-Winter Recess

The end of our driveway, it's so peaceful with all the snow...shhhh!

Em made rubber band bracelets for all of her classmates for Valentine's Day <3 Target!

PS...I LOVE Target!

Em's Dream House Presentation at school!  All of the 4th graders set up in the gym and family, friends, teachers and community members got to come and check out everyone's projects!  It was so cool to see how proud the kids were of themselves and what they had completed!!

Em's BFF Gabby!!

I introduced Em to The Body Shop and their foot soak!  She's hooked!

OH.MY.Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake.GOODNESS...thank you Arby's!

My friend Phil gave me a gift card for getting his mail while he was on vacation last month!  I wanted to let him know I put it to good use and was thankful for his thanking me!!

OOOOHHH, Box Tops for school!  I had a couple friends give me a bunch, so I spent my lunch hour cutting them to size and gluing them or stuffing them into pouches!  I forgot to keep track but Em hauled in quite a load this year thanks to Grammy, Papa, Ont Caren, Grandpa Foltz and my friends!  Thanks all!!

The start of The Duct Family!

Em's Dream House Project

Snow is melty...good day for Wellies

Introducing The Duct Family; Morgan(mom), Molly(baby), Tootsie(dog) and Alex(dad)!

Em lost a took the Tooth Fairy several days to fid her...we're pretty sure she got stuck out on the roads!!
At Beaver Creek for dinner-it's a Girl's Day as Sean is at Bill's for the Daytona 500

As tradition has it...Em and I eat dessert first occasionally!  It's a girl thing!!

It was delicious!

Bracelet making continues at home!

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