Monday, October 1, 2012

Yes, August did happen but I forgot to post about it!

What a nice suprise for someone at the bank (saw it while wiating in line at the ATM)

We had a few hour power outage so thought a fire in the backyard would be fun!

Lake Newburgh

Sean at the Tiger's Game with the peeps from work

Crazy Hair Day at Summer Camp

Michelle's sister Maggie came home and surprised Michelle at work!!

Another church sign!

Out for a drive

Some serious Uno happenin' here!

I am often intrigued by all of the poke holes in my fingertips...29 years and 10 months worth so far!


Waiting "patiently" for the Sumemr Camp Talent Show to begin!

Emily performing as the Card Trick Assistant
The whole camp dance!!

At Ikea

Cart ride anyone?!

Em's fingers got cold during this round of Connect Four

Summer Camp ended and we've got one week until school starts so Em's coming to work with me!

What a ham!

She's not too broed

We got this dollar as change this morning and thought it had a nice message

Downtown Northville before Em's haircut

There is goes...

...and here she is all ready for the new school year!

Checking out her class list

I'm just glad he didn't fly in my face while I was taking this glamour shot!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy almost Birthday Baby Girl!!

So I remembered that I wanted to get some birthday napkins to take in to school for Em's birthday brownies tomorrow..I then looked down at my pajamas and decided instead to have a napkin stampin' party!!!  So stinkin' easy...let me know if you need any for your next gig, I'd love to help!!

Em will be 8 years old tomorrow and I think I'm ok with that!  Being a parent is more than I EVER thought it could be; a gazillion moments of happiness, joy, sadness, frustration, confusion, awesomeness and all of those emotions in between and I have to say that I am immensely proud of Sean and myself and of the little lady that still occasionally asks at bedtime, "Momma, will you sing me the ABC's?"

Happy almost Birthday Baby Girl, I hope you have the best day ever!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July at a glance

Downtown Plymouth at Kellogg Park...

Gunther the Penguin came along too!

Em's fingers in the breeze!

Em was a tad embarrassed by her Sesame Street helmet so Sean and I got busy making it over for her, it is now a greenish color with hot pink duct tape and she loves it!

A lovely toilet paper display at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Em thought this rock looked like a heart

Something caught their attention between Bed, Bath and Beyond and Best Buy...

I love pics of my kid sleeping, so peaceful :)

At Fair Haven Baptist Church with Sean's dad for their 4th of July celebration

Grandpa and Emily trying to get in on some games!

Em up in her new loft bed (didn't last too long after, found it was missing some parts and after waiting for a month, we decided to return it, they'll be back to pick it up at the end of August).  It was fun while it lasted but Em's not overly sad, she said it's hot up there anyway!

Cool use of old pallets, saw it on my way home from work.


We're still not sure what happened to the body that's missing from the mouse head-EWWW!

She'll be a great mom some day!


I won't show the pic where Em kicks it right into Sean's head!!

Lucky us, now the proud holders of 575 Skittles (conveniently stored on a top shelf in a cupboard...out of sight out of mind!)

The memories they bake smell so good too.  I LOVE working so close to Aunt Millie's, getting out of the car in the morning and leaving at night, it smells so yummy!

Whose purse isn't complete without a pack of Uno cards?!

The biggest curly fry I've ever seen!

Off on our trek to Dunham Lake with Lisa, Emma, Colleen and Sid!

Finding many shells!

One of my favorite shots of the day!

Another favorite!

Building, burying, who knows but this kid had so much fun today!

Taking a rest on the sofa after the walk back to Lisa's after the lake!

Waiting at McD's for Grammy and Papa, good thing I still had those Uno cards in my purse.

You're never too big for a wagon ride from Grammy!

Grammy spent the night and we headed to Plymouth Art in the Park

Yummy brats!

Em at her hearing test...everything is good.  They've diagnosed her with what is called "selective hearing", perhaps some of you are familiar with this!!

At Edison...

Emily wouldn't try this move...and yes, Sean did land upright.  Thank goodness because I am not certain I could have given him a piggy back ride to the house!

Cardinal in the tree out front

Here it is close up, so cool!

Mmmm, Sonic tots!

Vacation is underway, on our way over the Zilwaukee bridge.  On our way to the Upper Peninsula...

A little rain

We stayed in Mackinaw City overnight, our hotel had water problems so they moved us down the road to their sister property and ever so graciously upgraded us the a lake view room...AWESOME!!


Dinner, great food and atmosphere here!

Over the bridge the next day...6 hours to go til Hancock!

Of course we had to stop along the way, Lake Michigan here and we can't pass up getting in the water...

...or walking on it!

Deep into the story...more like blocking her face!


Warning schwarning...

It just isn't vacation until I get the first seagull shot.

Lake Superior now

Downtown Houghton...almost there...

Portage Canal Lift Bridge to cross into Hancock

Bumbletown, where Sean's Grandma and Grandpa Markovich grew up

Found a house for sale in Bumbletown

The statue in the front yard is what sold me on the place!  LOVE it!!

Somewhere along Lake Superior

Got this idea from Hil's vacation pics!!

Jacobs Falls

Ceiling of Jim's Pizza in Hancock

Lake Superior at the end of Gratiot River Rd (little more than a 1 1/2 lane dirt road)

Lake Superior on the left, Gratiot River on the right

Top of Brockway Mountain

The road ends my ass....if it ended then why isn't it blocked off...Gertie (the GPS) had a name for it...South Mandan Loop, so it must be good...

Looks fine to me!

Hmmm, tree almost down but we made it through unscather, I stopped taking pics after this because I had to hold on for dear life...the "road" became a bit tricky and we eventually had to turn around because the car couldn't provide enough clearance to get through without the possibility of damaging the underneath!

Oops, had a close call with some branches as we pulled over to let a 4x4 truck through the "road"

Sean contemplating the damage to the paint job (see above)!

Stopped here and ate our lunch on the water.

We ate up on that dock and then popped down to sink our toes in the rocks!

In Copper Harbor

Somewhere around Eagle Harbor

McLain State Park

Such a beautiful place for a wedding

Drawbridge view from our hotel in Hancock

Hancock Beach

Calumet Water Works-the rocks were HOT, Em found out the hard way (she took off her shoes before she got to the water-ouch!)

Dinner at the Rock House Grille in Houghton

This was located just east of our hotel parking lot, it is called "The Labyrinth", Sean and Em had a fun time weaving their way through the maze!

2 beaches, a good dinner and a maze walk were all this little body could handle for today!!

On our way home, sad that vacation is over but I always look forward to going home and getting back in to our normal routine!

we just HAD to stop at Sea Shell City on the way home!

Vacation is over and I'm back to work...we got a movie star bathroom/dressng room while I was gone!  Hmm, I'm still eyeballing that bench and I foresee a trip to Ikea in the future for me!

I LOVE our long as they're not pooping on my sidewalk!!