Friday, July 18, 2014

June 2014 happenings...

At LUV Nails

Em got her fingernails done and I got my toes!!

Nails followed by our first visit to Menchie's Frozen Yogurt-YUM!

A little inspirational message from the church I drive by on my way to work

Em's last day of school; hanging out with her BFF Gabby!

Em and Mrs. Mullenax

I swear that if Em and I had turned our backs on this guy he just might have jumped in the car with us!

Now that is a puffy cloud

My lavender is in bloom and smells so good!

We stayed out a little past Em's bedtime for my friend Jeni's fundraiser!

At Scrappy Chic for the All Ages Sunday Crop, Em's already got her Smash Book out and she's "smashing" away!!

Waiting for camp to start-Marquis Theatre in Northville

Grammy, Papa and Sean patiently waiting for Em's show to start!

On the way to Pennsylvania after Em's show at Marquis Theatre, she slept for most of the drive!!

Sean and Grandma Foltz, we visited Sinking Spring, PA for a BBQ at Aunt MaryAnn and Uncle Terry's!

Emily and her cousin Olivia! 

Sean, Mike, David and Uncle Terry doing a little tree straightening!

HOLY FAMILY BATMAN!!  Mike (holding Olivia), (THE) Emily, Uncle Terry, Sean, David,
our Emily, me and Aunt MaryAnn

The Pagoda on Mt Reading

Just so happened to have an SCCA event (Hill Climb), cool to see and hear

Em hangin' with the Captain at the Beverly Hills Tavern, we took this shot for Uncle Steve!!