Saturday, March 3, 2012

I may have started something...

So I may have started something years ago by telling Emily that there's nothing better than feeling the wind through your hair; whether that be by running, riding your bike, riding with Papa on his motorcycle, driving with all the windows down in the car, sitting in the middle of the backyard or galloping through the fields on a horse...

 Well, today we may only experience the wind in our hair on the walk to and from the car; but Emily will be getting her first up close and personal "Introduction to Horses" at Wildwind Equestrian Center in South Lyon and she is so stinkin' excited!!  I sent a note with Sean to give her when he picked her up yesterday and she told me she was bouncing with excitement when she read it...

oops, I meant "You get to groom..."

Now, I don't foresee this turning into much (my pocketbook is hoping it doesn't...not just yet anyway!), but Em is excited to learn more about horses and having this class get her ready to go to the farm with Gramma Jones and help her take care of her horse Wyatt!!  More photos to come after our outing today!!!

Our adventure is over and what a day it was!  Em (and I) had a great time learning about how to groom horses and important things not to run in the barn!  Em got a little scared when she first mounted but the tears quickly went away when she realized she was as brave as I told she was!!  Her horse's name was Peanut Butter and she was very gentle and Kristin (Em's teacher) was very patient but firm when Em was paying more attention to the barn cats than listening to her!!  It was a great couple of hours for us both and we realize that if this is something to pursue that we will need smooth soled boots!!

Using the shedding comb, Spring is coming!

Giving Peanut Butter a candy cane treat!

This answered Em's question of "how in the world am I going to get on Peanut Butter?"