Monday, December 30, 2013

December 2013

Em received a little shout out on facebook from her friends at Animal Aid Foundation:
The holiday season is a time of giving to those less fortunate. That is exactly what sweet 9 year old Emily did. She earned money by doing extra things for her grandpa, mom and dad. Emily came to our adoption event to donate her hard earned money and meet some of the animals that she helped. Thank you Emily for your generosity and acts of kindness.

Em and Hannah waiting ever so patiently to have breakfast with Santa!  Our neighbor graciously invited us to go with her and Hannah to this event that she won tickets to at the mall!  Thanks so much Roxanne, we had a fun time!!

Cabin sweet Cabin-this made me think of my friend Jody!!

Em and Gabby before their music concert at school

Em and some friends with their teacher

One of my favorite parts of Christmas, the pantry door covered with cards from friends and family!

Em working away on her loom making bracelets

Trans Siberian Orchestra concert

Em's first concert and she said that the TSO was AWESOME!!!

November 2013

Dr Emily Foltz at your service!  She's got Minnie hooked up to an IV.

I must have been showing off my Mom seatbelt move here and we all momentarily stopped for some smiles!

Hannah's birthday party!

Em's letter to Santa...

We hung a frame around a couple of Em's loom pot holders, instant artwork!

At Ihop-yummy!

Snow on Turkey Day...just a smidge though

Monday, December 16, 2013

October 2013

Trying on a coat at Target...this is not the one she chose!

Em and one of her best friends at Laser tag

Who says that pirates don't play with dolls?!!?

Em and her dolls have opened a cafĂ©!  Food is a bit pricey but the service is worth every penny!

hmmm...I can't seem to figure out why the pic didn't upload in the correct direction...nor can I figure out how to rotate it here in matter, just tilt your head a little :)

Happy, our neighbor dog!

Em and Sean planting peach pits...

...feel free to come pick peaches in a few years!

Em came to visit me at Scrapbook Camp

Em and Gabby at the school Halloween party!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary to you my Type 1 Diabetes!

October 14, 2013

Dearest Type 1 Diabetes,

Happy Anniversary!  It has been 31 years since you became a part of my life and although I’m not always fully committed to you and think sometimes that you are just about the biggest pain in my ass; I just want you to know I am still here!  

I’m here for you through it all, even though you’re kind of an ass to some of my closest friends; like Brain, Heart, the Kidneys and the Eyes, not to mention the Fingers and the Toes.  I do what I can to protect them from you but our length of time together has started making this difficult. 
Maybe you’re a jerk because not everyone understands you like I do; the fact that you can’t help who you are and people think you might go away if I eat better or exercised more so you just stick around to prove them all wrong.  Honestly, I’m guessing you and I are going to be together for eternity.

Through you I’ve met some new friends; Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia to name a couple.  I don’t really dig your kind of people; Hypo makes me sweat and sound like a babbling idiot and I feel like I can’t put anything into words when she is around.  Hyper just makes me cranky and ache and not want to be around anyone at all.  Then there’s Retinopathy; you introduced him to my friends the BloodVessels, you remember them right, they are best friends with the Eyes.  I had to seek therapy when Retinopathy came along, he was a real jerk!

Luckily we have some together friends and I really like them a lot!  Insulin, Meter, Pump, Glucose Tabs and Fruit Snacks have been absolute life savers through the years.  We are very lucky to have them I’d say!

I’d love to sit and reminisce about our years together but honestly it’s getting more difficult; you haven’t been kind to Brain and Memory.

Although we’ve been together for 31 years, frankly, I am just tired of you and your incessant whining.  Maybe we should take a break huh?  Oh my goodness, do you remember the last break we had?  It was late October or early November in 1982. That I will never forget!  We had only been together a short time and we took a “honeymoon”, oh that was the best 2 weeks EVER!!  I suppose we have had some good times though!  Because of you I am responsible, organized and always know where the local hospitals are, those are good things!!

Well, I just really want you to know that even though I don’t always like you, I will always be here for you, for as long as you need me.  I hear your friend Cure has been looking for you for a long time though…maybe you should give her a call.  I won’t be mad, I promise!

Yours Truly,

Saturday, October 12, 2013

September 2013

Em's actual birthday-that cake from Hiller's was DELICIOUS!!

Em and her girls practicing with their new gymnastics set!

Em helping me wait for the doors to open for set up at the Scrappy Chic Yard Sale!

We got to wait and chat with quite a few folks!

Out to lunch with Grandma Jones and Uncle Aaron


Helping carry EVERYTHING in at once...because really, who wants to make more than one trip!

Some artwork that Em made for the wall at Famous Dave's, it was a copy of a sign they had on the wall.  They loved it, asked her to sign it and hung it up on their wall!!


AFTER my haircut from Cathie!  This woman is a worker of wonders!!
Foggy on my drive out to Ann Arbor for the Play All Day crop, I had so much fun when I got that that I forgot all about my camera and taking pics of everyone and everything!

August 2013

I blogged a bit about August ... actually in August but here's the rest of our month!!
Time for a backyard fire and...

S'mores!!  Yummy!

Happy, our neighbor's new puppy!

Em and I headed to Scrappy Chic for their Altered Book Class

part of our Altered Book

I'm just a little bit excited that McDonald's now offers Diet Dr Pepper!

Em's hair after a day of braids!

Em and her girlfriends at the Champions Summer Camp Talent Show!

Swingin' in the sprinkler!


AFTER-Em loves her new do from Cathie!

Em's pre-birthday celebration-we leave for a trip to the Columbus, OH American Girl store tomorrow!!