Saturday, February 11, 2017

Welcome 2017! Here's January...

In no particular order!

Em hanging out at Grammy & Papa's

Sean camping in Daytona

I WAS going to donate my wedding dress and Em asked to try it on first...we're now keeping it as she may still like it when she gets old enough to wear it at her wedding!  She has been wearing the headband to school!!

Slept with braids in and voila, curls!

Em loves to visit at the Animal Aid Foundation events!

Em and I attended our first Planner Meet Up in East Lansing, it was such a great afternoon hanging out with our girlfriends!

This is called a "Planner Stack", I think this is about 70...ish!

Em and I celebrated New Year's Day with a trip to Barns & Noble and then P.F. Chang's for lunch, yummy!

This man cracks me up!

Sean & Em made pancakes for breakfast, this was Em's!

December 2016

The minions at work got a Christmas makeover!

One of my favorite things about Christmas, Martha's sugar cookies <3

Our angel topping the tree!!

Em and I saw The Glory of Christmas at NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, we had such a fun time!

Em hanging out at work with me!

Taco fixins' for Christmas Eve festivities

After Christmas relaxn'...with new video games!

End of year filing is complete, feels good!

November 2016

At a fundraiser crop for the Girl Scouts with Kristin and Cherie!!

It's SOOO Fluffy!!

Em's Halloween decor being enjoyed by this "lil" guy


Em sorting through her clay

At Parent/Teacher conferences

Happy Birthday Ma :)

October 2016

I love the fall season and the colors!! Em is excited for Halloween and the school dance and trick or treating with Hannah. Nothing new from my October follow up appointment with Dr Cerghet, the next MRI is scheduled for February 2017!

Decorations at work!

Ah, nicely sharpened #2 pencils!!

Em's new hair

My new pencil pouch

Em and Hannah ready for trick or treating!