Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Please click here for a little giggle, I freakin' LOVE this commercial!!

Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

GINORMOUS ATTACK SPIDER invades our home...we barely survived!!

Whilst Sean goes off to a party (congrats to Steve A, well done friend!!) I'm left to save our home from GINORMOUS attack spiders invading Emily's room! I'm not certain I'll fair well in the Zombie Apocalypse though...we don't have any glasses big I'm not really into killing things that I feel threatened by...I feel that there's room for us all to live peacefully together :)

Of course, had Sean been home both Em and I would have hollered for him to come save don't anybody go telling him I can actually take care of these GIGANTIC things myself!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The rest of May 2013!

My friend Michelle whipped me up this adorable heart-LOVE it!
Em doing so reading before bed
now blow drying her hair!

Happy hosts after our annual BBQ

Yummy!  Los Amigos in Westland

My lilac is blooming

Em in her Hip-Hop/Tumble class at Splitz!

Queen of the Crop at Scrappy Chic in Livonia!  Each time you finished a layout or project you got to steal the boa and tiara from whoever had it, it was fun!

How many crafters does it take to assemble a soccer net!  What a great day and great way to spend with my friends!!

My Mother's Day gift from Em, I love her handmade wrapping paper!

The shelves at Hobby Lobby are awaiting Becky Higgins' Project Life!

I love other people's lilacs too!!

My lilacs in full bloom

My friend Emily brought the plant early in May and I've managed to keep it in bloom, the holder is from my girlfriend Lisa a few years ago and I've managed to keep that guy intact!!

Oh my word it can't be...Em and Hannah caught reading!!

Em sneaking some purple lilac blooms from Grandpa Foltz's yard

If we had a bigger yard I could totally see this kid on a John Deere!

Daydreaming...maybe about the riding lawnmower?!

Our first trip of the season to Dairy Dan

Em and Hannah hammin' it up!

At Miller Park on the way to downtown Plymouth for dinner


At Marquis Theatre in Northville for the Velveteen Rabbit!

My card box is getting full!

Project Life at Hobby signed boxes though.

Em and Sean enjoying a "beer" before dinner!

I've lost them both

While Sean is away camping with Bill for the Grand Prix weekend, Em and I got our Girl's Weekend started out with Buffalo Wild Wings!!

"If you were a hot dog....", I think Em has been listening to Sean's imitations of Harry Carey!!

May 2013 annual BBQ-I hope our home is always too small to fit all of our family and friends!

Happy Hosts at the end of the day!