Saturday, June 1, 2013

April 2013

Twirling while waiting with me for Dr. Bhan!

At Dairy Queen in Hartland with Grammy and Papa

Em and Sean...doing what they do best...playing video games!!

At Max and Erma's with Sean's friends Liz and Eric and family for Eric's birthday

The look of utter disappointment when she comes back from the price checker and realizing that game costs more money than she has in her purse!

Sean waiting ever so patiently with me in the hospital (I was in to have an ultrasound guided steroid injection for my frozen right shoulder)

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Road trip clouds

Sometimes the sun hits just right and it's amazing what it captures

Man do I love a steady trend
Our child amazes me!!


The burning bush

today is it's final day

OOOOOHHHHH lilac buds!!!

Almost done!
It was a windy day too, that fence was like a sail!

and the stump comes out now

Now Em and Hannah have a pass through the yards!  No more faces marked with white from smooshing their faces into the fence to talk to each other!


Em is about as afraid of our coyote at work as the geese are!

Gavin's birthday party at the bowling alley!!

Day One

Day Two
Day Two-lunchtime (candy goes quick around these parts!!)

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