Monday, July 9, 2012

June at a glance

New glasses!

Em & I spotted this vest and thought it deserved a photo.

Sean home from Gingerman :)

Michelle's birthday trifle (made by Martha)

Just chillin'

I LOVE clouds

Playing on the swing set at Michele Barker's house

At Audrey's wedding

Beautiful bride being walked down the aisle by her son!

Oooh, a little visitor!

a closeup of our little baby bird visitor!

We don't see this every day at school!!

Waiting at a stoplight...

Emily supervising tire washing

Em with Mrs. Kincaid, 2nd to last day of school!!

Last day of school calls for a walk to Big Boy and a shared banana split!

It also calls for a trip to Ikea later in the afternoon.

We wanted to get Sean a gas can for Father's Day but this model is quite difficult to find, so we took a picture, cut it out and wrote that "This certificate entitles you to a new gas can of your choosing..."

So nice, he even smiled for me

Camping with the Martin's

Em sleeping ever so soundly in the top bunk

Love is everywhere

Not sure what i did here but I do LOVE my turquoise shoes!

Em, Meg and I ran ahead on the trail

Oooh pretty


Hello frog!

Interesting tree

Ready for the pool!

Father's Day project...stepping stones

What I woke up to!

Jen napping while the girls are playing video games and waiting for the rain to stop

Break from the rain, took the dogs to the dog park for a run!

Happiness is a lot of things but a warm cookie is a start


I think he was about to knock and I startled him

HULA HOOPIN' at Summer Camp

Did I mention that I LOVE clouds?

Oh hello Bret Michaels (not every day I run into a Type 1 diabetic superstar at Pet Smart)  Thank you Lisa for talking me in to running errands with you!!

Doing a little work while off for the summer, got to keep those skills and mind gowing I guess (this was not my idea-oddly, she came up with this all on her own!)

At the doctor's office

Testing out hammocks at Lowe's

Oooh look, another squirrel!

Sitting on the porch, taking pics of squirrels and my flowers that are managing to stay alive!