Monday, June 18, 2012

May at a glance...

Oops, I got a ticket!

Em practicing her spelling before school.

I miss Sharon everyday :(

We rented a bounce house for our BBQ!!

Em tackling Sean, Meg has the ball for back up!

I LOVE our home!

Art Van had a lounge area in the ladies room, to the left is the lounge...behind me is the bathroom part!

At Scrappy Chic with Michelle, Christine and Lisa for the Mother's Day Queen of the Crop crop.

I didn't win any prizes but I did get to be Queen for a minute after finishing a layout.

I never saw myself here 10 years ago...

I wouldn't change a thing...

I drive past this church every day on the way to work.

Can I just say that I LOVE the fact that Em's books are organized by size...bestill my organizing heart!

Family Fun Night at school

Learning to hula-hoop at a girlfriend's birthday party!

Bubble blowing while swinging, yep she's a multitasker!

A little reading before school

I wish more people could see the good in life.

My worldly view at work!!

Stray kittens were born under the deck next door...

A sneak peek of Sean's dash

Emily is totally focused, her tongue is out just like Sean's is when he's working on the car.  Luckily Sean's fingernails look nothing like Em's! 

Goofing around while Daddy is working in the garage.

Went to groom Wyatt with Grandma Jones...

Em had such a fun time and will be back to help Grandma Jones give Wyatt a bath!!

A close up of our new friend next door, there's 2 of them but only 1 ever shows his/her face.

Doing a little craft room this doesn't happen every couple of months...change keeps my creative juices flowing is all!!

Found this guy on the sofa, pulled out my catch and release items and deposited him in the backyard!


No school today so Em spent the day with me at work!!

Before my haircut...

After my haircut.  I love my stylist, she is AWESOME!!

Face painting at Summer Camp Information Night, Em is SO excited for Summer Camp to start next month!!