Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Happy Yellow Volkswagon Beetle!!

On the drive home from work (Mon 03/10/14) I saw...strollers being pushed, dogs being walked, people walking with people, hand holding, cars with windows down and looks of surprise as they drove through HUGE puddles and didn't get their windows up in time, smiling, sunshine, a man on a Harley and a yellow VW Bug! It's a toss up for what made me smile the most...the Bug takes the cake today...in all it's yellow awesomeness!! I had such a nice drive home that it was only fair to come home to a $2000.00 bill for my pump and testing supplies...it seems that my insurance provider has decided to now not pay for supplies dating back to November 2012...but it's because my supplier became non-participating at some point in time...I'm thinking that just isn't right! I'm sure there's some detail I'm missing and I'll figure it out but for now I am going to envision myself in that happy lil Bug...and just smile :D

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