Sunday, September 7, 2014


Our baby girl is 10 today, Hannah came over to help celebrate yesterday and the girls had a fun time!!  Today, Em wants to go spend her wad of birthday cash at Target, make things with ALL of the duct tape she got and maybe go see Maleficent this afternoon at The Penn in Plymouth.  Right now she's in the living room with a box and her duct tape...making "something"!!

Happy Birthday (a day early) to you (ooh yummy Ripple Cake from Hiller's!)

Hey look, it's Uncle Aaron!!

Em and Hannah, relaxing after cake and ice cream
Uncle Steve really brings the party! I secretly snapped this while Lanette was gearing up for a photo op!

DUCT TAAAAAPE and Uncle Steve's party head band!!

Glow sticks from Uncle Steve!

Say whaaat?

Pleased Bob

Angry Bob

Sad Bob

Confused Bob

Surprised Bob...ok we've had enough of Bob!

Birthday morning! Em got MORE duct tape, a loom hook with a metal tip (her plastic ones kept breaking), loom band &, Pokémon cards. She sat organizing her bands for a while this morning but the duct tape was calling her name and off she went!

HOLY duct tape Batman!!! There are several smelly duct tapes in there, the pink one on the bottom is bubble gum and our entire house smells like that one right now!!  So far, it's Em's favorite!  Uncle Aaron was a bit disappointed that the mac-n-cheese one from Ont Caren didn't smell!!

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