Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 2014

Good times for Em and Keighan!  Em and I spent the first weekend of August with Jod at Higgins Lake!
Just what my soul needed, a little Jody-time!!
Fire Master Carrie!!

Em and Schizy hanging out on Jod's sofa
Ooh, I got time with Schizy too!
Now she's got Roo and Schizy, Em is one happy girl!

On a golf cart and yes, we indeed stopped in the middle of the road for this shot!

Keighan shared her bike with Em and the girls pedaled around the sandy block, Em ended up dumping the bike on a turn and decided to walk it back.  She survived!

Getting ready for swim class

Hangin' out and waiting for her turn...

I think this was Mis-Match Day at summer could very well be any ol' day of the week!

Em and her BFF Lucy after their Talent Show performance at summer camp

BEFORE the haircut

Hairs are comes...

COLOR!  Em wanted some pink hair in there.  Cathie did a great job and it still looks good!  Picture Day is Sept 9th...let's see if we can make them last another week!!

Backyard fires are the best, especially when accompanied by burnt marshmallows!
Woooo Hoooo, got our 96 gallon trash can from the city.  The thing is HUGE, our one bag of weekly trash is going to feel inadequate in there!

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