Monday, April 30, 2012

Mystery Swap on Club CK

I joined a mystery box swap this month on Club CK and the box from my swap partner showed up today, here is what I posted about it on the Club CK site:

My package from Nichole arrive today and I could barely carry the box to the table...

Once I made it there, my daughter proceeded to help me open it and OH MY GOODNESS...we were flabbergasted at EVERYTHING inside!!!

Here's me trying to hold ALL of the paper and you can see from the table that the box was SUPER DUPER full (so full in fact that my daughter professed that we just had to eat dinner in the living room tonight...

and let me tell ya Nichole, if these faces don't work on convincing my hubs that we ABSOLUTELY NEED a dog, the dog quotes you put in there will!!!!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for everything you managed to get it in there, HOLEY MOLEY it was stuffed!!  I loved doing this swap and am so glad that I got paired with Nichole, not only did I get all this good stuff but like Nichole said earlier, I too have gained a friend!!!
Ok, now off to PLAY!!!!

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