Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 2013!!

Welcome to 2013!! This tag is from cards that I made for our suppliers at work-instead of Christmas cards,
Jan and I sent New Year cards!

Happy New Beer!

Our Christmas cards stay on the pantry door until March or so, I LOVE this tradtion each year!!

Em working on her masterpieces to include with the family mailings that I'm working on!!

Downtown Plymouth


So very pretty!!

Em watching over Sean!

It looks absolutely great!

Taking a break to hit the movies-saw Wreck It Ralph at the Penn Theatre in Plymouth!

So excited-got my new Dexcom CGM G4 sensor today (CGM = continuous glucose monitoring system!)

Em posing with all her loot she got with her Christmas cash, even had some left to stash in her savings account!!

FINALLY I have red pants

Wearing sensors for both my new and old CGMs, they look to be pretty on target...even at this low! 

At Scrappy Chic with my frends Michelle and Kristin, such a fun day!

I drive through this intersection each weekday morning and try to hit it going at least 45 if possible, it is a bit of a whoopty whoo (dip in the road) and just makes me laugh when I go over it!

I am very thankful that I am able to drop Em off at school each morning and then come to work!

time for CGM sensor replacement

Em's at my mom and dad's so Sean and I went to see "Jack Reacher", we were the only ones there for quite a while!
Great book series by Lee Child and pretty good movie I thought!

Sean's SAAC-MCR car club holiday party at Kart 2 Kart!

Sean-camera on and ready to roll!

Next qualifying round-patiently waiting...

Not too bad, 3rd place for the day!

Some members of Sean's car club

At CJ's for BFL's going away party...Inspectron has left the building :(

Just another day at the office!

Em doing some morning reading!!

I love the pretty snow...especially when it covers up all of the muck on the roads!

Mad concentration at pre-dinner tic-tac-toe!

Furniture is gone and living comfortably at Kim's house now, repairs are underway-our living room floor is covered in blue tags to mark the spots that need attention.

Em didn't have school today because of some crazy weather conditions so she came to work with me!!

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