Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First and 2nd first day of Grade 4!

This may be a new tradition for us...the AFTER the first day of school photo!

Em at the school in her Safety Patrol belt and she's ready to direct the world!!

The first day went very well, dropped her off at Champions(before and after school care) at 7:15am  (this was my first year of not being there to walk her to the door on the first day!  I did okay.), and she had to report for Safety Patrol before school started at 9am.  We got a breakdown of her day in bits and pieces and I imagine we'll be hearing more little bits for the next few days.

Sean and I each got a call from the principal around 5pm to see if Em would be open to switching classrooms.  We waited until we picked her up from Champions to see what she wanted to do.  Em had hoped to be in one class and that is where they actually placed her; she couldn't believe her luck, it was the first time she'd gotten the teacher she had hoped for!!   Well it turned out that the class had 37 students and that was a bit too much so she was one of the students asked to move.  We talked to the principal when we got to the school (I love the fact that she stopped and took the time to talk to us in the parking lot on her way out!); Em's first response was "NO!" but she decided to take overnight and think about it and a little bit after we had dinner she decided that she would be ok if she switched classes.  I have to say that we are very proud of Em and the way she handled the change and this morning is looking very forward to her 2nd first day of school!  Way to go Baby Girl!

Day 2 and ready to report!  Ceci, her new doll, has accompanied Em to Champions again this morning!!

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