Monday, April 7, 2014

March 2014 Happenings

This is the hair color I tried to talk my stylist into...she said nope so we just stuck with cutting my hair!!

Em's Valentine treasures from school

Em at work with me!!

Em and I "working" hard at work!!

Tree at work

Em's turtle on the the middle of winter!!  Project at Perceptron!



Family Movie Day-The LEGO was AWESOME!!

Waiting to say The Pledge of Allegiance at Westland City Hall!!

Working on being helpful :)

Our neighbor "Happy" got a haircut also

Em in the pool (visiting me at Scrap Camp)

Celebrating my 40th birthday with my scrappy sisters!!

Rocks in ice at work

Em and Hannah having hot chocolate in the backyard

Got my journal cards all organized...ready to get back to daily journaling for our album next month

Em's drawing of an evil Minion...on Taco Night

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