Sunday, June 22, 2014

May 2014 Happenings

Hanging out in the funny mirror at the toy store in Plymouth by Burger Spot

No wonder Em always says her feet hurt after we walk...I wonder if her shoes were on her feet like that?!

My new favorite cleaner, love the lavender!

My lilacs smell SOOOOO good!

At Mega Meet with my girl Kristin!

Another Mega Meet photo op!  I had so much fun Kristin!!

Queen of the Crop crop at Scrappy Chic-SOOOO much fun!

Happy Mom's Day!

LOVE this tree at work!

Red Winged Black Bird at work, I swear it's the same guy every year!

I am SO hoping that Em lined her animals up like this before she fell asleep...

Em getting the bounce house cleaned up before the BBQ

BBQ time

BBQ time

Never a dull moment at the BBQ, Em lost a tooth (thanks for snapping the pic for me Lis!!)

Sean and Aaron joining the kids in the bounce house

My favorite spot in the backyard!

BBQ is over!

Thanks for coming, hope to see y'all next May!!

Em's stuffed animals got a new house and Em a new place to perch!


AFTER-thank you  to my miracle worker Cathie!!

Chillin' out in downtown Plymouth!!

Em's first visit to Potbelly...she's not exactly sold on the sandwich!

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