Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas festivities with the family!

What a great Christmas!   

Spent Christmas Eve at my Aunt Caren’s; Emily helped pass out gifts (some of the tags were hard to read!)
Good food to eat, some leftovers to take home and we headed home to get ready for Santa.  Oddly, the pantry was fresh out of ingredients to make cookies so we improvised and left Santa some snowball cookies from a batch made earlier in the week  and a couple pieces of Aunt Caren’s rock candy, the setting was complete with a note to Santa on the white board and some art on Em’s new Crayola Glow Dome!
Em woke us up Christmas morning (at the reasonable hour of 7am-ish) to let us know that Santa had been here and that he had used some of our wrapping paper!!  We went out to the front yard first  to check if the reindeer had eaten the carrots she’d left for them.  They must have had to leave before they were finished because there were carrots stumps left. 
We quickly made our way back inside (it was a little chilly in our pj’s!) and started ripping presents open!
Emily was VERY excited when she opened her DS!!!
One of the funniest things Em said that morning, “I asked for a puppy, I guess I got one”
After our cinnamon rolls and everything cleaned up, we started to get ready for everyone to come over; we had Grammy, Papa, Grandpa Foltz, Uncle Steve, Uncle Aaron, Grandma Jones and Dave over.

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday!!

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