Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project Life

When I happened upon Becky Higgins' Project Life, I must say I was totally in love with it!  I started my first Project Life album on December 1, 2010 and by November 30, 2011 I must confess I was STILL in love with it!  I have decided to keep going and have started a new album for December 1, 2011-November 30, 2012.  It is such a simple way of capturing life, it's much like a journal with pictures added.  Since I cannot pass the book around to all of my family and friends (shipping would be outrageous!!), I thought I could share my daily photos with you through my blog.  I may post just the picture for the day or I may post each layout as it is done (each layout is one week), no matter what I do I hope you all enjoy it!!  Just click on the "Project Life" tab next to "Home" and take a look!

Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Life, it has not ended my love of "traditional scrapbooking".  I still scrap "old school" with paper, embellishments and whatnot.  I find that I actually enjoy it more and it is still one my favorite creative escapes.  Who knows, maybe I'll incorporate both traditional and Project Life in the same album!!

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