Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So this really isn't an annual thing, some years it happens several times, other years it never seems to occur.  I am in a constant state of re-organizing it seems but I LOVE doing it!  I feel better and re-energized once I've gone through everything from my shoes to my crafting goodies to my diabetic supplies.  I started on this venture prior to Christmas and my goal is to be "done" on Friday, January 6th!

I really should have thought about getting a before shot of the things already complete; 4-drawer bin in the laundry room, my office, my diabetic supplies, my gift wrapping goodies, my shoes and the Christmas decorations but no such thing exists so you get to check out my after shots instead!   Once I start in the craft area tomorrow I will get some before shots!
4 drawer bin in the laundry area that we keep miscellaneous
toiletry/health items that won't fit in the bathroom.

In my office; the cabinet on the left houses my diabetic supplies on the top
and candles, soaps and lotions.

Aaaah, nothing says Happy New Year like shelves of organized
diabetic supplies!

Smell good products for body and home!

This is my Project Life station in my office, the main supplies and albums
are kept here.

This is an ongoing project to store and preserve Emily's school paperwork.
I keep everything by grade and month and then scan everything.  My goal is to not keep
so much of the paper and of course to scan more frequently (she's in Grade 2 and thus far I've scanned the first 5 months of Grade 1), ideally at the end of each month once the papers are sorted.  I then put the scanned papers into a plastic file box until I can really let them go!  I hope to not amass more than 2 boxes can hold!

This is my beloved gift wrapping supply cabinet!  The canvas bin on top holds gifts bags for almost any occassion!  Inside the cabinet:
  • Top shelf: ribbons, bows and small gift bags
  • 2nd shelf: Tissue paper and Christmas bows
  • 3rd shelf: gift boxes
  • Bottom shelf: miscellaneous wrapping paper and party banners

My shoes, I've finally got EVERY shoe off the ground and in to boxes.   Boots are still on the ground but are standing with pride and no crinkles in them now!

Christmas decorations are sorted and put away and what didn't get put up this year has been donated.

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