Thursday, January 26, 2012

Entertainment Center update!!

Emily and I got the left side of the entertainment center purged and sorted Tuesday night.  We went through her books and what she took out, I brought to work and set out in our Team Room, books always go quick at work.  I think we all have kids that LOVE to read!  The scrapbook albums have been moved to the basement for organizing into new albums (this may take a while!) and then they will all go in the sofa table...I do not have this yet but when I do it will be awesome (since I didn't ask for Camp-Crop-A-Lot, maybe I will ask for an Ikea gift card for my birthday from Sean!):

So here is the BEFORE of the left side:

and the AFTER!!  We have 4 open cubes now and these will be perfect for games (instead of in the top of Em's closet).

The center section is next on the list and I aim to do that on Sunday before we head out to Penn Theatre in Plymouth to see The Muppets!!  Emily has her first school dance tonight (EEEEEEEKKKKK!!) and she mentioned this morning that she would like to wear a dress!  I hope to have pictures to share tonight or tomorrow!!

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