Saturday, March 12, 2016

February 2016

LOVE this trunk sticker, so cute!

All ready for the dance after school!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!!

Planner class with Em at Scrappy Chic!

Em and I are using our planners as drawing and art journals

Dowtown Plymouth is so magical, I love driving through here every morning.

The view out the back window at work is so pretty!

Oooh, Perceptron wildlife!

I've had some issues with my right eye since last Octoberish and have had several specialist appointments and whatnot. They all can see what's happening in my eyes but there isn't anything they can see that explains the why of it all. The last specialist I saw asked me to have an MRI so that he could see the optic nerve in my to have an MRI!
Off to have my MRI

Fancy paper pants...they are actually quite comfy!

All seems well with my eyeballs and my brain...:Brain volume is normal for age."!!
I actually have an appointment in May to go over the results, I'm guessing
everything is fine since it's not until May!!

The beginning of Mount Foltz in the back yard!

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