Saturday, May 21, 2016

March 2016

March was not my favorite month at the time as I was laid off from my job after 17 years...but nearly 3 months later when I look back and I'm not feeling as sad or so lost about, I can see the goodness that I was surrounded with! Sean, Em, my parents and all my friends are the best support system EVER :)

Let's move on to checking out March in Fotz Land!!

Em made us dinner! Mac-n-cheese with hot dogs, YUM!!

The day I was laid off from to my facebook post

Girl Scout crop in South Lyon, such a fun day!!
(L-R: Susan, Gerri, me, Nancy and Kristin)

Whether it's that Life is for Living or Loving, I'm all for both!

Em passing the time at Target!

Em keeping me company through an NCIS marathon...again!

Getting our nails done at Luv in Novi with Kristin and her girls, such a fun day :)

Em's new favorite store, Aeropostale, it was a successful shopping day for her!

This kid <3
Birthday posies from my Ma & Pa!

Birthday posies from Sean!

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