Saturday, April 8, 2017

March 2017

Em's painting of Pabu the Fire Ferret

Magic in the sky

Em waiting patiently at the Induction of New Members Ceremony for National Junior Honor Society!

In line to shake hands with her principal and current National Junior Honor Society members!

Wow, talk about "over the moon"!

It was such a pretty sight

Proper oral hygiene :)

I do believe that this is the fullest beer I've ever had...Emily was obviously not impressed in the background.

My last day in the office at VRSI and my last bag of stuff. It was a tough decision to leave and I was sad, I was also looking very forward to starting in the Purchasing Department at Humanetics!

My daffodils from Jan, she gets them for me every year around my birthday! They smelled so good!

My 2nd day at my new job and my birthday flowers from my Ma & Pa, they really livened up my cubicle as I hadn't moved much in yet!

This was such a nice surprise on the Friday after I started, my boss brought in snacks and then my team took me out for a Welcome to the Team and Birthday lunch!

Em and i opted for Chinese one night while Sean was traveling...this fed us for several days!

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