Thursday, March 16, 2017

February 2017

February was a whirlwind month! Em had Mid-Winter Recess and got to spend a couple days at Camp Grammy Papa!!

I had my follow up MRI's on the 22nd...the lesions on my brain are stable and there is no evidence of any new lesions! This time, my neurologist ordered a thoracic spine MRI as well, that scan took a bit longer than my cervical spine MRI last time but it was so awesome seeing my spine in all of its' crazy crookedness on the screen (the techs let me have a little peek when we were done!!). No lesions concerning for Multiple Sclerosis were noted on my spine so everything is all kit and kaboodle for now. I will follow up with Dr. Cerghet in 12 months! WOOT WOOOOT!!

Sean traveled to Yuma, AZ on the 27th for work and was there through March 4.

I resigned from my job as the Administrative Assistant-Operations at VRSI on the 27th and my last day in the office was March 10. Shipping/Logistics wasn't my jam and I wanted to pursue my path in Purchasing! I feel it's so important to enjoy what you do for a living and to feel a sense of pride at the end of the work day and I was missing those feelings. The day I resigned I had a firm job offer presented to me and I accepted! I will be working as a Buyer/Expeditor for Humanetics starting on March 20! Humanetics is best known for making crash test dummies and I will be buying machined components, I am so excited for this opportunity and to be back in the world of Purchasing!! It is bittersweet leaving VRSI, I've seen lots of faces from years past and made many new friends and people I enjoy seeing and working with each day. I'm glad I am within walking distance and hope to stop by and visit them on my walks once it gets nicer outside!! Here's to fresh starts!!


Much needed sunshine

Tried ClickList at Kroger for the first time, LOVED how easy it was!

At Ironwood in Plymouth with friends!

Ha ha ha, Jeremy cracks me up!!

What a great group of friends!

Patiently waiting for my MRI's

Our sky is truly amazing some days

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